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Monday, 2014-07-28, 10:13 AM
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About Forbidden Depths

Welcome to the home of Forbidden Depths!

What if you could play a roguelike in 3D, like ye olde first person dungeon crawlers?

Forbidden Depths combines the design of the classic roguelike, with the gameplay of the first-person dungeon crawlers of old. The game will have the following features:

 - Single Player
 - First-Person
 - Turn Based Combat
 - Grid Based Movement
 - Randomly Generated Dungeons
 - Randomly Generated Traps/Puzzles/Secrets
 - Keys/Switches/Pressure Plates, secret doors/walls
 - Environment that affects enemies as well as you, in both good and bad ways (traps affect enemies)
 - Different enemies with different abilities. (oozes can squeeze through things, ghosts ignore walls) 
 - Polymorphic items. A potion or scroll will be unique in each game instance.
 - Permanent Death!
 - Simple intuitive controls 
 - Full 3D graphics and animation
 - Multiple Platforms:
     . Windows PC
     . Android
     . iOS

- Possible Future Platforms:
     . Linux
     . Mac OS X
     . Blackberry
     . Windows Phone 8

As with all early development, this may not represent the final product, but we sure hope it comes close! 

However, if you can't wait to get your graphical roguelike fix, I highly recommend Pixel Dungeon or Delver